In Autumn 2021 Zero Carbon Headingley teamed up with 3rd year landscape achitect students from Leeds Beckett University to develop ‘greening up’ schemes for 4 sites in Headingley.

The project asked students to produce some ‘visions of what is possible’ for 4 key areas in Headingley. ZCH and the local communities can use these visions to open a creative and productive dialogue with the City Council and others about how we can collaborate to ‘Green Up’ the neighbourhood making Headingley safer for pedestrians and cyclists, reduce air pollution and a healthier environment for all.

Local ZCH members briefed the student group for each of the sites, later responded to their initial ideas and then all the designs were presented at an open event at HEART on 18 January.

ZCH is now considering next steps.

Our thanks go to all the students and staff at Leeds Beckett who worked on this and gave us some fantastic designs and much food for thought!

Their thoughts and ideas can be seen from the following posters that they produced.

Zero Carbon Headingley
is an initiative launched byHeadingley Development Trust and supported by Zero Carbon Yorkshire